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If Sweden had a "moose test" for cold-resistant ropeway installation control systems, there would be no risk of us skidding.

Our ropeway installation control systems perform to their maximum even in places where temperatures are at their lowest. Take the Swedish ski resort of Åre, for example, where snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures prevail for six months of the year. Here our systems prove day in, day out, that they perform well even under the harshest of conditions.

New employees look forward to business trips around the world, until they see just how well our remote maintenance system works.

Frey AG Stans moves people with technology throughout the world, including in Rio de Janeiro. The services we offer our customers there are just as impressive as the view from the Sugarloaf Mountain. We analyze and rectify problems with the installations we control remotely by phone and via the Internet. Efficiency and precision are essential aspects of our daily business, as well as satisfied employees.

The dragon of Lucerne's Mount Pilatus is steeped in legend. Some say you can even see it fly past.

A dragon is said to have lived on the legendary Mount Pilatus overlooking Lucerne long ago. The new aerial ropeway from Fräkmüntegg on the Pilatus Kulm has brought this dragon back to life. The Dragon Ride now transports passengers from around the globe to the world-renowned summit in the heart of Central Switzerland more efficiently, more comfortably and with breathtaking views. It was Frey AG Stans that made the dragon fly. Not with its animal training skills but its extensive expertise in the field of ropeway installation control systems.

The Swiss are known for doing everything they can to give their guests the perfect experience. We have seen that for ourselves.

Since 1992, tourists and skiers from around the world have been astounded by the perfect panorama of the breathtaking high alpine mountains as they travel on the Titlis Rotair. And now the second generation of the 360° rotating cabins is also keeping everything running smoothly. We've really got the hang of it; with innovative ideas, top technical performance and maximum safety, our technology moves people the world over.


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