The haul rope transmits the signals

Communication and monitoring

Secure and non-secure communication and monitoring tasks are carried out by two completely separate systems.

FUA4000 FS Certified, failsafe PCBs with direct connection to the failsafe PLC
FUA4000 DS Powerful communication system with Ethernet interface

The existing components are used for all monitoring and communication functions associated with a ropeway installation. They offer an extremely reliable and stable functionality that is not affected by external influences. The haul rope and other media are used as the transmission channel. 

FUA4000 Failsafe Communication (FS)

Single signal transmission:
Emergency stop button, etc.

Haul rope monitoring:    
Ground fault monitoring of the haul rope

Line monitoring:
Ground fault and interruption monitoring of lines

Dynamic monitoring:    
Various functions (very low energy consumption)

FUA4000 Data Communication (DS)

Data communication system: 

  • Transmission of audio, video, and digital signals
  • Participants (drive station, carriers, etc.) are based on identical hardware (can be replaced)
  • Simple remote maintenance directly via the Internet

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