Save energy and money

Frequency Converters

Today, new ropeway installations often use state-of-the-art frequency converters. This drive technology provides operators with numerous benefits.

  • Very high degree of efficiency
  • Minimal circuit feedback, insensitive to brief power failures
  • Maximum reliability
  • Optimal operating costs; the AC drive is capable of energy recovery with a high degree of efficiency
  • No conventional compensation system necessary (cosφ / power factor =1)
  • State-of-the-art, tried-and-tested drive technology

AC Motor with Gear

The AC motor is the lightweight option among the various drive systems. It is particularly impressive thanks to the minimal assembly and servicing effort required, even in drive stations that are difficult to access. The AC motor is suitable for all installation geometries and  types and delivers top performance even on steep terrain. It is the cheapest option because of the lightweight standard components, the motor and gear.

  • Cheapest option
  • Suitable for every installation geometry (including very steep installations)
  • Easy assembly, even in installations that are difficult to access

Sector Drive

Sector Drive is being increasingly used in uni-directional aerial ropeways.
The slow-running AC motor is fitted to a two-stage planetary gear.

  • Very high degree of efficiency 
  • Suitable for every installation geometry (including very steep installations)
  • Restricted operation possible in the event of motor or converter damage without the need for additional measures

Direct Drive

The Direct Drive is a gearless drive concept that is particularly low-vibration and low-noise, energy-saving, and easy to service. The modular ring design enables installation by helicopter thanks to the low weight of the individual components. The DD uses a permanently excited, hermetically sealed synchronous motor that is cooled with water. This enables sustainable heat recovery. The water cooling also makes loud fan noises a thing of the past. 

  • Minimal sound emission
  • Less servicing required as there is no gear
  • Very high degree of efficiency

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