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We are continuously setting new standards to ensure we and our customers remain at the top. Since 1966, we have carried out more than a thousand projects that have been made possible by our innovative drive and customer focus.

Zermatt-Sunnegga Zermatt, Switzerland

Installation type: 200-FUL
Installation length: 1,520 m
Conveyor capacity: 2,250 p/h
Drive power: 1,080 kW

Höhenweg-Weissfluhjoch Davos, Switzerland

Installation type: 200-FUL
Installation length: 1,872 m
Conveyor capacity: 2,000 p/h
Drive power: 1,190 kW

Muottas-Muragl, Samedan, Switzerland

Installation type: 80-FUL
Installation length: 2,201 m
Conveyor capacity: 550 p/h
Drive power: 250 kW

Künzelsau Künzelsau, Germany

Installation type: 80-FUL
Installation length: 1,034 m
Conveyor capacity: 1,000 p/h
Drive power: 464 kW

Sant Joan, Monserrat Rubi, Spain

Installation type: 62 FUL
Installation length: 499 m
Conveyor capacity: 472 p/h
Drive power: 71 kW

Carmelit, Haifa, Israel

Installation type: 340-FUL
Installation length: 1,745 m
Conveyor capacity: 2,970 p/h
Drive power: 2 x 700 kW

Oceanpark Hong Kong, China

Installation type: 400-FUL
Installation length: 1,280 m
Conveyor capacity: 5,000 p/h
Drive power: 2 x 710 kW

Mirage-Treasure Island, Las Vegas, USA

Installation type: 60-FUL
Installation length: 340 m
Conveyor capacity: 1,000 p/h
Drive power: 250 kW

Hogwarts Express, Universal Orlando Resort, USA

Installation type: 168-FUL
Installation length: 670 m
Conveyor capacity: 1747 p/h
Drive power: 362 kW