Innovative controls for summiteers

We are continuously setting new standards to ensure we and our customers remain at the top. Since 1966, we have carried out more than a thousand projects that have been made possible by our innovative drive and customer focus.

Kälti-Stanserhorn, Cabrio Stans, Switzerland

Installation type: 60-FUF /CABRIO
Installation length: 2,325 m
Conveyor capacity: 460 p/h
Drive power: 340 kW

Fräkmüntegg-Pilatus Kulm Dragon Ride, Kriens, Switzerland

Installation type: 55-ATW
Installation length: 1,400 m
Conveyor capacity: 589 p/h
Drive power: 355 kW

Stand-Titlis, Rotair Engelberg, Switzerland

Installation type: 76-ATW
Installation length: 1,493 m
Conveyor capacity: 925 p/h
Drive power: 560 kW

Wengen-Männlichen, Wengen, Switzerland

Installation type: 80-ATW
Installation length: 1,910 m
Conveyor capacity: 860 p/h
Drive power: 630 kW

Salins-Cungieri-Cuolm da Vi, Disentis, Switzerland

Installation type: 70-ATW
Installation length: 2,262 m
Conveyor capacity: 590 p/h
Drive power: 450 kW

Eibsee-Zugspitze, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Installation type: 120-ATW
Installation length: 4,467 m
Conveyor capacity: 580 p/h
Drive power: 2 x 800 kW

Pico del Teide, Tenerife, Spain

Installation type: 38-ATW
Installation length: 2,471 m
Conveyor capacity: 327 p/h
Drive power: 250 kW

Tromsø-Fjellheisen, Tromsø, Norway

Installation type: 28-ATW
Installation length: 769 m
Conveyor capacity: 400 p/h
Drive power: 160 kW

Loen-Hoven, Loen, Norway

Installation type: 45-ATW
Installation length: 1,528 m
Conveyor capacity: 462 p/h
Drive power: 400 kW

Red Beach-Urca Hill-Sugar Loaf, Rio, Brazil

Installation type: 75-ATW
Installation length: 528 m/750 m
Conveyor capacity: 650 p/h
Drive power: 230 kW/230 kW

Vaishno Devi, India

Installation type: 45-ATW
Installation length: 442 m
Conveyor capacity: 800 p/h
Drive power: 250 kW

Marquam Hill, Portland, USA

Installation type: 78-ATW
Installation length: 1,028 m
Conveyor capacity: 1,014 p/h
Drive power: 450 kW